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Women of the Ages (Folk Fights Back) Folk Fights Back for Women is proud to release an exclusive video in partnership with Boston organization Rosie's Place! The first women's shelter in the country, Rosie's Place provides a safe and nurturing environment that helps poor and homeless women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives. If you enjoyed this video and wish to support the Folk Fights Back cause, please consider making a donation to Rosie's Place at

Folk Fights Back is a musician led organization that seeks to raise money and awareness for critical issues. Our third event (May 2017), Folk Fights Back for Women, will raise money for local organizations that are doing litigation or other support work for women. These shows also seek to raise awareness about these critical issues, and will feature representation and information from the non-profits being supported.

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Women of the Ages by Laura Cortese & John Beaton
Laura Cortese - vocals & fiddle
Jeni Magana - bass
Jenna Moynihan - fiddle
Valerie Thompson - cello

guest accordion by Elise Leavy
video by Sean Trischka
mural by Caleb Neelon

A Nine Athens Music Production

Turn the Beat Around - Cover

The winning submission from our #DanceCardConfessions contest. Read the full story here:

Into the Dark - Official Video

Music video for "Into The Dark" by Laura Cortese from the album "Into The Dark". (c) 2013 Laura Cortese

Directed by Ballard C. Boyd (
Featuring Kelsey Fox Bennett, Valerie Thompson, & Mariel Vandersteel

I Am The House - Official Video

Music video for "I Am The House" by Laura Cortese & John Beaton from the album "Into The Dark". (c) 2013 Laura Cortese

Directed by Ballard C. Boyd (
Featuring Rory Fraser.
Filmed on-location in College Grove, TN.
Words by John Beaton
Music by Laura Cortese

Kids (MGMT Cover)

Sometimes a dance sensation is the only way to keep your driver awake. We got hooked again on this old gem on a late night drive from Dublin to Clare. Thanks to Gordie & Catriona and Trevor & Thea for hosting this video in their respective sitting rooms. Thanks to Rose Polenzani for inspiring us to make more videos.

Perfect Tuesday's

On a 90 degree Tuesday in June, Laura Cortese, Mariel Vandersteel, Rose Polenzani and Valerie Thompson sing Laura's song "Perfect Tuesdays" from her upcoming "Acoustic Project". Laura and Mariel play fiddles, Rose plays toy piano, and Valerie plays cello. Then they have a backyard barbecue with their friend and cameraman Bill Wiegandt.

"Say Say Say"

(with Rose Cousins, Laura Cortese, Anne Heaton, and Rose Polenzani) Rose Cousins (mandola), Laura Cortese (fiddle), Anne Heaton, and Rose Polenzani hangin' out in Rose Cousins' halifax home, singing the famous Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson duet. July 11, 2009 - in the middle of the night after seeing Paul McCartney live in Halifax...

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