Into the Dark
January 29th, 2015

WHO's ON LCandDC's Dance Card? -- Zachariah Hickman

I first met Zachariah Hickman ten years ago at the Can Tab Lounge in Central Square on a Bluegrass night. In my memory he wore a salmon colored western shirt and a big white cowboy hat. He got the band fired up shouting "c'mon" as they played their shredding solos. Over the years he has become an incredible teacher, collaborator and friend. When I first started to explore the world of writing my own songs he was honest, patient and encouraging. He was the team captain and champion producer of "Even the Lost Creek".. When it came time to name this current band he sent in about 100 names including several derivations of the Dance Cards.

In between music directing and touring with Ray Lamontagne, recording with Josh Ritter and recording with his own band Barnstar!, Zachariah found time to answer a few questions the Dance Cards were dying to know about this cowboy dandy.

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WHO's ON LCandDC's Dance Card? -- Zachariah Hickman

& the dance cards
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