California Calling


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California Calling

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California Calling

We are all visitors, seeking belonging and adventure. Friendship, tradition and family connect us to something greater than our selves. Exploration, travel and creativity help us transcend. The words and sounds here represent this journey, a nod to the past while reaching toward the future. Thank you for opening your ears and hearts.

LAURA CORTESE voice, fiddle, synth bass, stomps, claps, glass harmonica
VALERIE THOMPSON cello, voice, marimba, Rhodes, claps, glass harmonica
JENNA MOYNIHAN fiddle, voice, banjo, stomps, claps, glass harmonica, toy piano
NATALIE BOHRN bass, voice, glass harmonica
SAM KASSIRER acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synthesizers, percussion, marimba

Produced by Sam Kassirer
Recorded by Sam Kassirer at the Great North Sound Society in Parsonsfield, ME
Assistant Engineer Jonathan Corey
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer Maria Rice

To all those who provide, inspire and advise especially to our friends and families, Maureen Cortese, Linda & Greg Thompson, Donna and Gary Moynihan, Gerard and Laura Bohrn, Kate Fritz, Sam, Jonny, Lucy, Loudon Temple and Brookfield Knights, Karima Cammell, Vessela Stoyanova, Mairi Chaimbeul, Brenda Shannon Adams, Polly Mathewson, the Backburner Club, the Song Hang, SubRosa, VOM & Sierra, Miles of Music Camp, Jess Fox, Matt Smith, Sandy Jones, Friendly River Music, Ilya Rutman and Rutman's Violins, Zachariah Hickman, Rose Cousins, Ana Egge, Kimon Kirk, Taylor Ashton, Louise Bichan, Sean Trischka, Goran Berg and Kultur i Vast, Gneiss Brewing Company and to all our crowdfunders, especially: Ira Grollman, Sue and Rich Hanson, Allison Hayward, Jeff Hojnicki, Chuck Honnet, Christopher Hwang, The Ishii Family, Randa Jacobs, Janet McAllister, Padraic McConville Anmol Mehra, Alison Asher Mitchell, Sheffield Sessions, Reid Simpson, Dan and Kathy Tappan, Dave White, Eric Wright, Michael Zody.

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